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Maison Georges Vigouroux

The undisputed experts in France for these dark-coloured wines, they have searched for the best symbiosis between Malbec grapes and ‘terroir’ since 1887, both in the vineyards of Cahors and further afield.

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Now headed by Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux, the brand embodies long-standing expertise, historic châteaux, a well-managed wine business plus an exceptional agritourism offering.

Black wine has flowed in the veins of the Vigouroux family for four generations.

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Georges Vigouroux, family of pioneers and wine lovers in Cahors since 1887

In 1971, Haute-Serre was the first vineyard replanted in Cahors after the phylloxera with innovative techniques at that time, like simple guyot pruning. The average density in Cahors is 9 999 vines per acre, however in our vineyards we are planting 16 465 vines per acre.

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All this care reduces the yield per stock and increases the quality and delicacy of our wines.

Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux combines traditions and the modern techniques of winemaking to respect the malbec in its original terroir. He is constantly trying to optimize the potential of the malbec, that he often named “the Diva grape, it can produce incredible wines, but you have to give her your best first! ”

Now Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux manages the estates with the same passion as his father, maintaining tradition while introducing innovative methods. A major winemaker and oenologist in France himself, he took his passion for the Malbec grape to the Mendoza region in Argentina, hiring Paul Hobbs, a famous oenologist and Malbec wine-producer in Argentina, as a consultant. The cooperation brought an exceptional 2009 vintage and the new Icône cuvées.

1887 : creation of a wine sales company by Germain Vigouroux
1918 : Gabriel Vigouroux manage the company. Vigouroux wines are selling in the region.
1960 : Georges Vigouroux join the company
1967 : creation of the Georges Vigouroux company. "Les caves du Roc" became "Vigoroc".
1970 : replanting of the vineyard of Château de Haute-Serre by Georges Vigouroux.
1980 : plantation of the Château Pech de Jammes vineyard.
1983 : Château de Mercuès restoration with his vineyard.
1989 : Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux join the company.
1990 : "Vigoroc" became "Atriums", wine shops and concept stores.
1991 : beginning of the partnership with the Château Leret-Monpezat.
1994 : Château Tournelles acquisition in Buzet.
2008 : beginning of the partnership with Paul Hobbs for the brand Crocus
2012 : opening of the online Atrium :

Georges Vigouroux, family of pioneers and wine lovers in Cahors since 1887.

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