Our Value

Art of life: gastronomy, sharing, well-being. Self-enjoyment and discovery amidst magnificent products stemming from the dedication of past generations to bring out the very best in their lands.

Excellence: determination, passion, hard work, know-how. Georges Vigouroux: “The soil is an essential part of the composition, and the harvesting of the components is done using a variety of instruments. Here, our Stradivarius is the malbec! The climate provides the ideal auditorium for virtuoso winemakers to create their masterpieces." Icône WOW vintages convey this search for perfection.

The pioneer of yesterday and trail-blazer of today: The Château de Haute-Serre was the very first vineyard to be planted on the hillsides of Cahors. In 1970, the “Atrium” became the first major wine shop in Cahors. Georges Vigouroux was also the first company to exclusively promote the wines of Cahors during trips to the United States and Canada in 1977. Today, the company is the leader of these markets. The acquisition of the Château de Mercuès in 1983 testified to the brand's sincere commitment to the field of wine tourism.

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